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Go ahead and ask for what you want professionally; a little boldness goes a long way. On Thursday, October 3 , your ruling planet, Mercury, enters intense Scorpio. You may find yourself questioning everything, searching for hidden messages.

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While it can be fun to play detective, be careful of over-analyzing or becoming distrustful. Warrior planet Mars enters Libra, the sign of balance , on Thursday, October 3 as well. Those close to you may come off as wishy-washy when you need straight-forward answers. It doesn't help that you're already second-guessing everyone. Take this day to focus on yourself and your work to avoid any drama. Your sex life comes into focus on Tuesday, October 8 as romance planet Venus enters sexy Scorpio. This is a time for some super hot sex, but be sure to clearly communicate about your boundaries.

If you're not interested in anything more than a casual affair, be a grown-up and let the other person know. If intentions aren't made and set there is definite potential for hurt feelings.

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This includes yourself. Make sure you're honoring your own truth as well as the truths of others. There is a full moon in powerful Aries on Sunday, October Speaking of setting intentions, use this day to get organized for the upcoming work week.

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Projects you begin during this time have the potential to manifest into something huge. On Wednesday, October 23, the sun enters mysterious Scorpio, starting a season that's all about passion and new beginnings. One gives up the impossible, one builds up safety margins and lifelines. One endeavours to limit oneself, to be auto-sufficient, not to let oneself being invaded by anything or anyone; one takes all the necessary precautions to be free from want.

Excitation slowness for Virgo: the meticulous. The concern for mastery and organization is now total: slow, methodical, strictly hierarchized action; invisible but relentless obstinacy yielding guaranteed results through a high economy of means. Rigor, seriousness, method, patience become ideal qualities.

Virgo Astrology August 23- September 22

Habits are quasi-sacred rituals. Space is compartmentalized and domesticated. Sense of opposites for Virgo: the purist. The meticulous-purist is an unparalleled organizer, serious, of integrity, dedicated, efficient and steadfast in difficult times. Associating Excitation weakness for Virgo: the asocial.

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Absolute withdrawal into oneself, into a tight internal world, into a fragmented self, shattered into pieces. Self-protection becomes quasi-masochistic through forbidding any freedom, any boldness, any surge: inferiority complexes can arise therefrom. Deprivation of affective exchanges, hermetism, impossible negotiation.

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  8. Unadapted Inhibition quickness for Virgo: the phobic. Anything is an excuse for abrupt withdrawals: being afraid of germs, of thieves, of the neighbour, of the other, of oneself. This can go as far as anxiety neurosis, as neurasthenia.

    Virgo (astrology)

    But the Inhibition quickness is on the verge of adaptation: there might be discreet desires disguised as fears, or a courage that tries to obscurely emerge through irony, through mockery from a wise distance, through veiled criticisms. Egalitarian phase-clash of opposites for Virgo: the allergic.

    Because diurnal and nocturnal durations are heading ever closer to equalization. As for the Egalitarian phase, it makes the Virginian even more systematically fearful, distrustful, anxious, whatever the attitude of his like is. The phobic-allergic feels perpetually in self-defence. His terror of mingling makes him a segregationism freak.

    Virgo: Ruling Planet

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