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If due to some planetary alignment if this malefic influence is mitigated and the Weakness of the Neech Grah is recovered, such position is Known As Neech Bhanga Raj Yoga. Debilitated planets always play an important role in the horoscope. In general, they are first-rate malefic, even a benefic that is debilitated will harm those planets and houses it joins or aspects particularly true for rasi aspects.

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Debilitated planets also indicate the ruin and loss of those things that they rule, including the things they naturally rule, the houses they rule, and anything that falls in their Rasi, Navamsa and nakshatra. But When their Debilitation is canceled they can bestow good result and make the native fortunate during their Dasha. There are certain factors that cancel debilitation. These factors cancel debilitation reducing the ill effects of the debilitated planet to actually increasing the success of the native. If the debilitated planet or Neecha Graha fulfills the following conditions, it can be said to create a Neech Bhanga Raj Yoga.

Book Your Consultation! When a planet is debilitated in a particular House, it weakens the house and its significations.

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But When that house receives the aspect of its owner, the said house will become strong and hence the debilitated planet will gain strength from it. For example Jupiter is debilitated in Makar Rashi. So when Jupiter is placed in the sign of Capricorn, it will make that house and its significations weak. But if Saturn aspects it, the sign will be strong from the aspect of its owner. So Jupiter will also gain strength out of it and it will overcome the weakness of debilitation. Similarly If the Debilitated planet is conjunct with an Exalted Planet, it will draw energy from the exalted Planet and overcome its weakness due to Debilitation.

When the debilitated Planet become exalted in Navamsa, This implies that the native has done some very good karma in the past birth, bringing forth the blessings of God and hence his debilitated condition or troubles are forgiven and he gets relief. A Raj Yoga is a special case where planets get extra power to uplift the native.

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So when a planet is with Sign Dispositor or Exalted Planet and aspected by friendly planet and again in Navamsa it becomes strong by exaltation or own sign, It will be capable of Giving Raj Yoga Results. However, what adds to its strength manifold is that the Moon as the Dhanadhipati ruler of the 2nd house or the house of finances is waxing and in the 10th from the Ascendant.

The Ascendant lord Mercury who is a signatory to the Adhi Yoga is in his sign of exaltation which fortifies the Adhi Yoga. Mercury as Ascendant lord further benefits from the fact of being with the Labhadhipati lord of gains 11th cum 6th lord Mars. Mars as 11th lord is in mutual aspect with the 2nd lord Moon producing a Sasi-Mangala Yoga, a Yoga primarily for financial prosperity.

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Jupiter occupies Leo in a friendly sign while Venus occupies his Moolatrikona sign. The Adhi Yoga draws strength from several factors, including the extremely powerful Ascendant which itself is Vargottama and whose lord Mercury is the center of a Panchamapurusha Yoga. Chart 2: Male: Born October 22, , at 11h. Chart 2 is of a young man hailing from a very modest background from a joint family comprising him, his wife, his parents as also three elder brothers and their wives. The family had always a tough time balancing the budget with the combined meager salaries of the menfolk not adding up to much.

The native paid his way through college by giving tuitions, working as a computer operator in an NGO with his take-home pay is Rs.

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The native hit the jackpot when he bagged the prize money of a boggling five crore rupees overnight in a TV quiz show. The Ascendant Sagittarius has its ruler Jupiter in the 10th, a Kendra, which helps the chart gain foundational strength. Next, the Moon in Pisces in the 4th has Digbala and being aspected by his sign-dispositor Jupiter gets fortified. The Adhi Yoga forming planets Venus, Jupiter and Mercury are in the 6th, 7th, and 8th respectively from the Moon which fits with the textbook definition of the Yoga.

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This sudden stroke of financial luck came on October 24, , with the pivot of the Yoga, namely, the Moon is the 8th lord with the 8th house ruling legacies, windfalls, etc. Venus is in the 6th from the Moon and a signatory to the Adhi Yoga. What we may additionally note is the fact Venus is the 11th lord Labhadhipati placed in the 9th Bhagyastana or house of fortune in an exchange of signs with 9th lord Neechabhaga Sun which is also a powerful Dhana Yoga. D10 Career report with 2 year scan is very helpful and thorough. Seems to be pretty good analysis - sreedhar. It's the best astrology app and website that I have ever watched upon!

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