Aries february 13 compatibility

You are someone who is restless in passion and your approach to the world is immediate instead of being diplomatic. When you are in a relationship, you seem to be stubborn and extrovert, thereby needing a partner who will understand you before everything else. You are a dominant partner who has the character dynamism and courage and you want to lead in the relationship. You love to fight for your beliefs when the need arises, but most of the time, you prefer to use spirit when you are seducing and playing love games. Since you are different from other people in your own way, you get misunderstood most of the time and you also have problems understanding your future partners or lover.

As a lover, you are adorned with incredible curiosity and idealism which is almost inexhaustible, making you to at times, have high expectations of your relationship that end up the sour taste. You are idealistic in terms of your emotions. You have a fixed mind on how love should be, look like and feel.

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Whenever you find yourself getting close to somebody you often refer what you are seeing and feeling to the ideas. You always overlook and in the process, end up ignoring a relationship that could have formed due to your unrealistic expectations. You are ruled by Uranus as your planet due to your date of birth. It is a strange planet because of having an interesting gravitational pull. It is mysterious, deep, and it reflects a lot of your idealism and sense of possibility. On the other hand, its pull can be very restricting that it leaves you with less room to maneuver.

Uranus is manifested in your beliefs which you follow in your day to day life. Your life is governed by air as your element. The air is normally fleeting, occupying a large space and moving really fast. Those are the three traits about the air that impact on your personality and the ideas you tend to hold.

You are always ready to share your ingenious and creative ideas and at the same time, implement new plans and quickly start them; always full of promise and optimism. The thirst you have towards adventures and freedom along with your tendency to embrace risk and your pursuit ideals make you be a great researcher, entrepreneur, stubborn predecessor and born to be a pioneer. You are mostly endowed with high mobility and unbelievable self-confidence if you do the job you love.

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It is necessary for you to work in an environment where you can cultivate a bit of restraint of the power that you possess and maintain consistency. You are very intelligent and thus, you normally structure ideas well and develop your unique thoughts towards efficiency. At the end of the day, you are someone who will invest your enormous energy into what you believe in, being able to beat other contestants, outrun them and eventually succeed.

The challenge you have is to be motivated with the right idea. Your lucky color is black and it is the one that summarizes your personality. It is calm, cool, and possesses a great power in the form of potential. But in order for the black to bring out its power, it has to be transformed into another color. You will need to let go of your motivating ideas in order for the positive side to become manifest in your life. Does that make sense?

Born on March 26th, on the cusp? Opposites attract eh? Seeing the list is shocking. I know that in many ways we are so different. There are aspects of his life that I find intriguing.

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I am selfish and subjective with a lot of passion. He can also be very selfish too. We feel the difference in our lives but yet we are great friends and partners in business. Also, our rising signs are pisces and virgo. So those two are kind of compatible. I wish the love I have for him now is the love I had for him in the beg. Anyways I would like to know is it every man or is it just Aries men that can just turn off there feelings and there relationship as if you never existed and it never was.

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Because I tell you what it is a tremendous sadness and heartbreaking heartless and selfish act to just up and disappear with out even a good bye. It all Aries both man and woman when they are done with you it look like they have never seeming you before.

But it also hard for a aries person to just get over a relationship but when they do you will never get them back or their attention. Oh well. I am an Aries woman, living with a Scorpio man… The sex is out of this world, but the rest of the relationship is complicated because we are from totally different worlds… He is extremely clingy and dependent… But listen, just keep your mind open….

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Rose, I am an Aries and have been married to a scorpio for 5 years been in a relationshiop 9 years. I agree with you except scorpio are very manipulative and controlling personalities.

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My kind hearted nature is just seeing all of this and im not sure i can deal with it. I am an Aries as was my ex husband and my present. My first husband lied, cheated and manipulated me where the one I have now is nothing like that. Because Aries can be petty, I did get even with my ex husband by having him willingly cut off all of his long dark hair that he loved so much.

LoL I left him 2 days later and replaced him with one of the sweetest. We had some disagreements here and there but we got past it. Very organized and clean and I love that about him. I want to propose but I wanna know what f this a forever thing or its temporary. I feel like we are soulmates actually. What she says we are probably wasting our time being with each other because we are both Aries. I would like to know what people think. Your email address will not be published.

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