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Blog Sitting on the fence and turning a corner Everyday idioms in newspapers October 09, Read More. New Words flight shaming. October 07, To top. Also at the beginning of the 20 th century, the German astrologer Alfred Witte founded Uranian astrology. In part a reaction against the traditional wisdom handed down in classical astrology, Witte devised new astrological techniques based on evidence and experimentation.

These included the use of dials, emphasis on 0, 90 or degree separations between planets hard aspects , midpoints between two planets, and eight additional hypothetical planets. In the s, Reinhold Ebertin popularized further developments of Uranian astrology that rejected the use of the hypothetical planets and focused more on the medical aspects of astrology.

Harmonic astrology, created by John Addey in the s, employs mathematical transformations to investigate relationships between planets.

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Harmonic astrology assigns less importance to zodiacal signs and houses. Psychological Astrology arose from the cross-fertilization of astrology with humanistic, depth and transpersonal psychology.

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It incorporates ideas such as Jungian archetypes, synchronicities and psychological drives and needs. The founder of psychosynthesis Robert Assagioli also inspired Huber method of astrology, which emphasized life cycles.

AtroCartoGraphy is a method of locational astrology popularized by Jim Lewis in late s and early s. With roots in the ancient cultures that aligned sacred sites to stars, AstroCartoGraphy studies the astrological influences of locations on earth. This catch-all category includes the use of shamanism, astrodrama, guided visualization or hypnosis to work with astrological symbolism and archetypes. Advocates include Barbara Schermer and Babs Kirby.

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In the late s and early s, Jeffrey Wolf Green combined elements of the theosophical movement, psychological astrology, and Indian philosophy, with his own channeled material to create Evolutionary Astrology. With an emphasis on Pluto and the lunar nodes, Evolutionary astrology seeks to understand the development of the soul through lifetimes. The s also saw increasing interest in rediscovering and translating original astrological works of the traditional Hellenistic and other periods.

Traditional revival or Neo-classical astrologers are inspired by traditional astrological techniques, yet incorporate newly discovered planets. Astrological conferences, as well as the Internet, have made an eclectic approach more accessible than ever before. I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby publish it under the following license:.

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