February 2020 cancer horoscope hindi

During the months of March-July, the inflow of money appears to be good. Your income may increase owing to promotion from your current position. In the month of August, you may earn from foreign sources as well. There might be an increase in expenditure during this month. During the months of September and October, you may get a hike or may change your job.

Capricorn horoscope 2020: No one can stop you!

The company you join will be a good one and a handsome hike in salary will be received owing to strong 10th house and its lord Mars. November-December will remain good for you in terms of your career. Those natives of moon sign Cancer who are involved in any kind of business will find the second half of the year to be favourable. You may face some difficulties in your business partnership due to malefic aspect over your seventh house.

Your revenue will, however, be not affected much. Overall, the year is good for you with regards to career and profession. Also Read: Astrological Yogas for Imprisonment. According to astrological predictions for moon sign Cancer for the year , students of this sign will get good results this year. At the beginning of the year, Mars - the Lord of their 10th house - will be in the 5th house, which is the house of education. It is good for students if they strive to make their career in respective fields related to their education.

They may get good results for their hard work this year. During the months of March-May, time is favourable for those who are preparing for competitive examinations. They may get desirable results. The months of July-August will not be that lucky in this regard. During mid-September, they may get success in everything they put their heart and soul into.

After that, till the month of November, you will receive mixed results. Post-November, and during the last Month of the year, time will be favourable. Positive response shall be received in matters related to education.

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Overall, this year is good for students. At the commencement of the year, your family life will be good. In the month of Feb, there might be gloom surrounding you and your home. Your in-laws may try to create an environment of happiness around you during this period.


Cancer Monthly Horoscope - Monthly Astrology – Cancer November Horoscope

You may go on long distance travels or pilgrimages with your family. During March-July, you may feel happiness is back in your home, however, an aspect of Saturn at your 4th house from the 7th house may cause some kind of dissatisfaction at home front. This feeling of discontent will last throughout the year. You may buy a vehicle or land in the month of March. There would be a good inflow of money during April-July. During July-Aug, an outflow of money is also predicted.

During the month of October, you may buy luxurious items to make the life of your loved ones comfortable. The concluding months of the year will be good as far as family life is concerned. There is a possibility of the birth of a new life in your family. Also Read: Astrological analysis of suicidal tendency.

The Horoscope

According to Cancer Astrology forecast, the beginning of the year would be good in terms of love and romance. You will get ample opportunities to romance with your spouse. The intensity of love would be much in between you two, with an abundance of passion and energy. During the months of March-June, avoid falling into any arguments with your partner. The health of your spouse may also decline during the phase between March-June.

Capricorn Horoscope 2020: A Year of Complete Transformation

If you are planning to get married this year, you may finally tie the knot in the middle of the year or in the last few months. Newly married couples if planning for a child, shall expect the birth of a child during March-June.

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However, precaution is required in pregnancy because of the conjunction of two malefic planets in your 7th house. Similarly, students will get some good news in the second half of the year. If you are working in a job or service, you might get a promotion or an attractive pay hike. Or you might get some good news related to job or profession. You might try to start a new business venture, or expand the existing line of business. Financially, you will be quite sound and make significant progress.

Mars enters Scorpio

With the increased income and better financial condition, your social status and respect will also increase. Be careful while making any new financial investments between February and beginning of March. Both your marriage as well as love life will be joyful and peaceful. You will move ahead in your love relationship and make it stronger. Your love for each other will grow immensely. The months of January, February, November and December will be most favorable for your love life. On the family front too, the year will be mostly peaceful and joyful.

You might get your home renovated this year. This year some important manglik work will also be performed successfully. For students, the year will bring a lot of success and prosperity. The period starting from August to September will be particularly favorable for students. As per predictions for Cancer zodiac sign, you also might get some good news during this period.

The students preparing for competitive exams will get resounding success. Click Now: Kundli Matching for Marriage. Cancer Horoscope predicts this year great in terms of career. All your efforts will yield positive results, and you need to keep working hard towards achieving your goals.

2020 Horoscope

The period starting from February to March and November to December will be quite significant in terms of career and profession. You might get some news during this period related to your job or business. If you are employed in a service or job, then you can expect a promotion or handsome salary hike.

If you are looking for a new job, then you are likely to get it in the months of September, October, or December. Also, for those who are in business, the year will be quite consequential and bring a lot of success and prosperity. You might try to expand your business after the month of March. You might also try your luck at other businesses, and get good results. For those especially in service or business, the crucial advice is to avoid getting into unnecessary arguments or conflicts. Try to resolve all differences or disagreements through discussions in an amicable manner.

The period starting from April to July will be slightly challenging, and hence you must be careful while making any crucial decisions. If you quit without another job in hand, then you might have to wait for a long time before you get a new job.

कर्क राशि राशिफल 2020 Cancer horoscope 2020 in hindi kark Rashi Rashifal 2020

Also, if you are in business, avoid making any big financial investment. As per predictions for Cancer zodiac sign, this year is going to be exceptionally good for your financial life, especially the months of March, April and May. You might make significant financial gains from several sources. With the increase in the income and better financial position, your social influence will also rise up.

There will be a lot of public meetings and people will consult you in financial matters. However, you must be slightly careful during the period starting from February to the first week of March. You must be careful in the financial matters and avoid making any important financial decision during this period. Else, you might experience a severe financial loss. If you are involved in a family business, then there will be a business expansion and huge income gain this year.

Your income will also increase proportionally to make up for the rising expenses. You might also experience a minor financial loss during this period, so you must be careful while making any financial investments. The situation will become favorable after some time. All in all, the year will be quite positive for the people of Cancer zodiac sign. You will make significant financial and economic progress, and flourish in business or career. The growing financial prosperity will also raise your social status.

The year will be good for students as well.